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Our Philosophy

“Let’s take it nice ‘n’ easy…
cause nice ‘n’ easy does it every time”

The lyrics of the homonymous song by the legendary Frank Sinatra, source of inspiration for the creators of Nice n Easy, have served as a compass for all of us during these past 10 years. More than anything else, ‘nice n easy’ is a way of life. It’s about food, it’s about people and –maybe the most important of all- it’s about our approach to life itself.
Loyal to our farm-to-table philosophy from day one, we obtain the finest organic ingredients, almost exclusively from Greek producers, offering you proudly and responsibly traditional recipes and delicious

suggestions that harmoniously balance the familiar and the modern
Strictly focused on a way of living guided by wellness, love and respect for our body and with the traditional flavors of our childhood as our beacon, we welcome you to nice n easy with as friendly an attitude as our name.

So sit comfortably, wear your warmest smile and enjoy our original and ever tasty suggestions, next to Frank, Marilyn and all the other stars that you will find adorning our very own Walk of Fame.


Dimitris Christoforidis

Co-owner Nice n Easy Group

Chris Athanasiadis

Co-owner & Executive Chef Nice n Easy Group

Irene Andersen

Co-owner Nice n Easy Restaurants



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